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Distressed Situations

Distressed transactions are complex, time-sensitive initiatives that often involve the potential for rapidly diminishing collateral value.  For businesses or properties that are under financial stress, it is important to understand that there is an inverse relationship between time and value; the more time a business/property remains under financial stress without a resolution, the faster the value will likely deteriorate. This will likely result in fewer available restructuring options.

Through deep experience across capital market cycles, Sortis Capital brings a strong business acumen to managing distressed situations. Delivering clarity to these complex problems, Sortis Capital can provide support  through its strategic advisory services, offering solutions for a wide range of distressed situations. The Sortis Capital professionals are equipped to handle bankruptcy, defaults, restructurings and non-performing asset sales within and across real estate, hospitality, resorts, development and financial services industries.

Debt restructuring

Rapid triage for companies that are currently in default that need assistance negotiating a resolution with the existing lender(s), raising junior capital, or refinancing existing debt.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

Sortis Capital can help turn a distressed situation into a sale, restructuring or capital infusion. Sortis Capital analyzes options to facilitate the right solution for the situation whether it’s a bankruptcy sale, M&A or a debt/equity transaction.  Sortis Capital's experienced team can tackle:

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A wide range of creative equity and debt restructurings for any distressed situation