Sortis Capital

The Sortis Capital Advantage

At Sortis Capital, we are committed to breaking through market complexity. With the combination of our expert team, hands-on process, and cutting-edge technology platform, we are able to simplify each transaction, making it clear and easy for the client, and eliminating stress. Combining real estate insight with the capital markets expertise, the Sortis Capital Advantage delivers a level of service and results unrivaled in the industry.


The Sortis Capital team of industry experts works hard so our clients do not have to. Our professionals not only possess high-caliber investment banking and real estate expertise, but also have in-depth knowledge of each local market. Through best-in-class experience and a dedication to delivering results, Sortis provides clear solutions for every situation.


Sortis Capital offers better results for each client through a labor-intensive process focused on maximizing value and ease of execution. Whether raising capital, managing a portfolio or executing a loan sale, we have developed a proven process that is customized for each client’s needs. We maintain a policy of complete transparency, offering efficient, effective and clear results.


Sortis Capital applies technology to the world of real estate investment banking. We leverage innovative proprietary platforms to deliver seamless and effective solutions for each client and every situation. With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to simplify transactions and reporting requirements, bringing clarity to the process.

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