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A Hybrid Strategy for Asset Sales

Sortis Capital’s unique Hybrid Sales Approach allows clients to market and sell both individual assets and whole portfolios simultaneously, helping them achieve higher velocity of sales and maximum yields.

Traditionally, sellers wishing to dispose of assets in bulk must employ a wholesale approach that garners only a fraction of the potential yield. In contrast, a retail approach may earn top dollar for each asset, but it is not scalable enough to comprise a full disposition strategy. With Sortis Capital's approach, clients get the best of both results.

Our approach gives the seller the opportunity to maximize yield through an individual sale, as well as clear assets via a portfolio sale and reduce carry — without wasting valuable time or resources. Through strategic pooling and individual asset marketing, we are able to earn full price for the most liquid assets, lowering the basis of the remaining portfolio and allowing for a more aggressive wholesale disposition. Our customized distribution provides access to both individual investors and portfolio buyers, with the broadest possible participation to ensure that the market is cleared.

With Sortis Capital’s Hybrid Sales strategy, our clients are able to combine the attributes of both the retail and wholesale sales models. Our unique approach features:

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