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Sortis Capital Gives Back

The leadership at Sortis Capital fosters an environment of community involvement for employees in all our local markets across the country. Our on-the-ground experience in these markets makes us a part of the community and instills in Sortis Capital employees a desire to give back to the communities they serve.

Plymouth Housing Group

Homeless members in the community of Seattle have been given a more humane alternative to living on the streets – housing. Realizing that a single person could cost the community over seven times the amount an actual home would due to the cost of shelter, foods, jails, and hospital visits, Plymouth Housing Group decided to take action. Sortis Capital supports the mission of Plymouth Housing, offering to those who need it the most the opportunity for stability, hope, and transformation.

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A San Francisco tech start-up wanted to do something a little different from its peers in Silicon Valley. Rather than leverage advances in technology and the power of the internet to build the next internet giant, HandUp wanted to help people meet some of the most basic needs in life. Sortis partners with HandUp by contributing gift cards that get distributed to some of the neediest individuals on the street. The use of gift cards guarantees the intended use for donations while giving homeless people a more supportive means for survival. HandUp is now in the process of expanding its program to Oregon and Washington.

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Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business honors people standing up for ethical work in business, non-profit, and education. Sortis Capital contributes money for the Rotary Charitable Trust, sponsoring scholarships for students displaying high ethical standards and academic achievement. These scholarships of $2,000 each help students students as they prepare to join the working world

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Oregon Wildlife Foundation

In its focus to empower conservationists to preserve and restore the fish and wildlife population in Oregon and allow citizens to enjoy local natural resources, the Oregon Wildlife Foundation has successfully restored a salmon habitat, Willamette streams, Diamond Lake, and the Lower Deschutes River. Oregon Wildlife is now working to raise money to save Sturgeon Lake on Sauvie Island. It is also partnering with Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on a Cooperative Land Management Agreement to manage Malheur Lake for the removal of invasive species. To date, Oregon Wildlife Foundation has directed $17 million dollars to help important environmental projects throughout the state. Morgan Smith, of Sortis Financial, serves as Board President and Chairman. 

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